Obama is talking

May 14, 2008

and I’m listening. I’ve come off the fence, i’m on his side. Hillary would have been great, but she’s becoming a poor loser. so she won big tonight, well, the numbers don’t add up in her favor anyway. she’s got to save some dignity and step down now. it’s a good thing that she’s had a substantial win, because it allows her to go out with a smile… PLEASE!

SAturday I was walking with my sister on 14th street and stopped for a chat with someone in front of the ISO (international socialist organization). his leading question was about the elections, and recognizing the bait, I took it. Yes I am going to vote for a democrat, but I can’t feel too guilty, because we need to get the country in good working order and fast, and since I take it that the socialists don’t have any viable candidate, even on the horizon, what choice? I didn’t get any concrete answer. he was preaching to the choir, but didn’t seem to recognize that I am aligned with them, although not card carrying…


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