radio days, parsnip nights, painting in the afternoon

May 15, 2008

Soon, I’ll be eating virtually every meal out of the garden. or at least dinners. These parsnips! were from Deb’s garden, and the greens from mine. This particular stir fry requires no seasonings– not even garlic– because it’s got such flavorful ingredients: mustard greens, arugula, chive and something else that is an edible but I can’t seem to remember what it is; I also threw in a celery stalk.

What a day. I painted with Marc on the UVM green. he was pretty easy about just setting up and starting in. I have to walk around in circles, consider every possibility, even the possibility of not working, before I can settle down. Honestly, I think if he wasn’t there I might have moved on to a different location. as beautiful as it is in amongst all those trees and greeen and walkways, and the magestic backdrops of Billings, Ira Allen, Old MIll, it’s hard to understand why I have so much trouble getting started. I finally settled on a view of walkways, light and shadow under the tree canopy, buildings in background, and marc painting in middleground of one.

will think about posting paintings soon. maybe that will help me become more regular in studio.


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