Packing soon for DC/VA

May 16, 2008

I have been just in NY city and near Boston (Melrose) last weekend, so trip to DC area is just keeping the rhythm going. Packing lists are useful. I have made a few in my time, and always always always, when I get somewhere and have forgotten something, it isn’t because that thing wasn’t on the list. For example, on Friday I left for western MA. and discovered that I had forgotten food. The cooler was in front of the refrigerator to remind me…but it didn’t. The list would have, but it was already packed. I thought of it when I was about 6 minutes out, and by then, turning around was out of the question; you know how it is, I’m sure.

Packing lists– I have developed a general one that is pretty handy, but often I need to do a specialized one for the trip that will include the extra “to do” things on the runup to departure time. LIke a golf bag– I’ll go to Recycle North to hopefully find a cheap and lightweight one to use for transport of my painting materials. easel, stretcher strips and a roll of canvas are the big items, then paints and brushes fit in side pockets.


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