The Flowering Trees and it’s Friday!

May 17, 2008

This is Pixel

magnolia and looking west on Wright Ave

I bet I took 20 pictures of those trees today– the flowering crab apples, the magnolia, the lilacs; they were stunning, and the recent rain has them all sparkling clean. I didn’t love any of my results though; no great angle was occurring to me except maybe from up high. should I have gone up on the roof? or visited upstairs neighbors to look out their bathroom window?

here’s a very wierd thing that I notice more and more: when I am writing or having an internal dialogue, a radio voice, or in this case conan obrian, said “bathroom window” just as I was writing it (above). it’s just freaky– hearing the same word or words said that I am just thinking.

here’s an award winner from two years ago:


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