Fear of Beauty

May 20, 2008

I wanted to post a very beautiful picture of my nephew’s new boy Brady, but the image uploader isn’t happening on the blog. same problem a couple of days ago. I’ll try later.

Anyway, why is it that we are so afraid of “beauty” in our art, culture, music …architecture is never described as beautiful any more, even a very good looking person is rarely called beautiful. The design industry points to the sythesis of elegance and functionality but the particular B-work is the third rail. the concept is just too quaint.

Why fear beauty? to call something beautiful, one puts oneself in the position of not being taken seriously. As if to be able to participate in the attendant joy or elation that beauty can elicit is a flaw; a sign of naivette or worse. If the beautiful is found out to have no more substance than mere pleasantness, it’s no good.

However, I do think beauty is an idea that is due to re emerge. Any day now, those of us who never shunned it in the first place will be able to safely say “That’s beautiful” under circumstances made safe again, as irony, sarcasm and the guardedness made necessary in this strange age finally wither away.

I have heard rumor that beauty is indeed on the horizon again. Academics, art and culture critics have written often of this beauty question. But it’s not up to them when we get beauty back.


One comment

  1. I have a sister who is an artist who uses BEAUTY all the time! Often in reference to her sister : ) I love big sisters! Love, ANNE PS Your blog is BEAUTIFUL. So there!

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