Alexandria, Virginia

May 23, 2008

I’ve got to add a photo to my refrigerator page:of our refrig interiour here; it’s so colorful. An inspiration to look in and see so many colorful foods — good foods– spinach, celery, arugula!, orange juice, oranges, blue box of organic milk, soymilk carrots, a big pitcher of pesto, corn, avocados, wow, lemmie at it I just wanna cook! I made a nice stirfry last night with the red pepper, celery, walnuts, a ginger soy sauce, and basamati rice. needed salt. good (if I do say so myself) and all eaten up! They say that a good chef can look into anyone’s refridge, and no matter what is there–even if not much interesting there– make something fine; but my success isn’t the sign of any particular genius, just that there are good ingredients!

They are still asleep, and the morning is special. I am still decompressing from a period of extra intensity — semester ending, study and paper writing, with all else in life piling up; not the least of which are the inevitable landlordly responsibilities that always seem to kick in when I least expect or are most busy with other things. Work work–Burlington Telecom, Ribbecke Studios, and CRCF–and then the lovely long weekend last weekend, also a plan made months ago, to shoot down to NYC with sister Sal, and a Sunday in Melrose (MA) with folks for Mothers Day…wow, just listen to me. no wonder I’m exhausted!

Anyway, to walk out under the pine trees this morning and just listen to a mockingbird was perfect. 


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