Island Ice Cream and European Sawfly Infestation

June 3, 2008

Last night I had what has to be the best ice cream cone I’ve ever had. I am a chocolate fan, so the criteria I use to compare brands is simple and flows from one question: how good is the plain chocolate ice cream? Island Ice cream’s chocolate is very dark in color; so dark in fact that I am suspicious about why it is so dark. — okay, I just found out that it’s dark from chocolate! — …It is dense but not as solid as Ben and Jerry’s. It’s very creamy texture must have something to do with freshness? but the flavor… the flavor is killer. I had a sense that it has a good level of salt, but “saltiness” can not actually be ascribed.

Where to get Island Ice Cream in Burlington? down by the waterfront, at the Burlington Bay Deli. And other places.

Another high point yesterday was the next increment in the battle of the sawfly. We have an infestation here in good old Lakeside, so every outbreak we can spot and attack is a battle won. here’s a poor quality video that shows a weird phenomenon – the larva, all clustered on one branch, all rise up at once in sort of a wave motion when they are disturbed. Here’s a picture from infestation last year. Why is this a highpoint, you might wonder. isn’t it sort of on the same plane with taking out the recycling, or going to the post office? well, yes, and those are pretty special times too…


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