Indiana Jones and Ultimate Knowledge

June 11, 2008

Not being an Indiana Jones kind of gal, I am surprised at how easily I said yes to the invite to see the movie with two women friends. The nominal reason, I told myself, was that it would be a good test of my current movie sensibility. What does that mean? After a semester-long involvement with Hegel’s Aesthetics, often filtered through film theory and mechanisms of meaning, I was afraid that my already narrow and elitist taste in movies might have become further constricted. But no, … surprise surprise… apparently I LOVED the IJ4 movie more than the critics do. Of course for me it’s not the “same old same old,” because I haven’t seen #2 or #3.

There was plenty of food for thought for those who require a dose of the intellectual/political/philosophical to make the medicine go down. For example, “These aren’t just drawings, they’re directions…they’re a map!” said the professor (Harrison Ford), as we realize that every drawing is a map in some sense, especially if you are an anthropologist. Did anyone notice that the map could only guide them so far? That their eventual progress was more pinned on the “crazy” guy’s intuition than on the piece of paper?

Of the crystal skull people: “Knowledge was their treasure;” it is only under the model of a collective consciousness that all can be known, but what a price to pay! “Lawnmower Man” in which the intellectually challenged gardener gets a taste of pure knowledge and becomes addicted tracks a similar pull between good and evil on the path to ultimate knowledge. Was Socrates right that knowledge is a virtue, and that it’s only in the case of deficiency of knowledge that evil is done?

The sunset last eve, following wild and wooly storming was something to behold.

I don’t think this quite conveys how special — golden yellow almost brassy– the lighting was. then my neighbor Larry came along and pointed out the rainbow right behind me!

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