Oh the Greens! and Omnivore’s Dilemma

June 14, 2008

Every day I am having copious salads–lettuce and arugula– and steamed greens: spinach, mustard, chard, beet, and of course arugula. A few weeks ago I was scrounging dandelion and some of the leaves off of chard, beet and arugula that made it through the winter, but now, everything is coming in …ahhhhhhhhhhhh

I missed Michael Pollan’s visit and talk at UVM last week, but heard there was an over flow of the over flow space for the event. He wondered if he was preaching to the choir here in Burlington VT, and whether the strong showing for his talk was any different than a strong showing for a Bush talk (President that is) would be in Kansas… (sorry Kansas!).

I disagree that there should be discounting of importance to “preaching to the choir.” Howard Zinn tackled this question on one of his visits to Burlington, saying that there is always value because there will be those, perhaps around the fringes who do come and learn, and may be swayed. I would ad that there is value to feeling solidarity in the presence of so many other like-minded folks.

Anyway, Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma was a favorite read of mine a couple of years ago. I have a dilemma right now: a woman is willing to deliver to me her old laying hens. She has three of them, and needs to have them taken off her hands. She wants to be sure that I would be butchering immediately. A few weeks ago, I agreed that I would happily take them off her hands. Now, I think about the reality of the bloodbath here in Lakeside, and am not so enthusiastic. Once upon a time, I would have thought nothing of it. Turkeys, pigs, rabbits, ducks raised and put away; all the years of hunting too. But I was a country person then. What to do. hmmm

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