Brady Turns the Music Up

June 28, 2008

This is My nephew’s new boy.

Pretty funny, and, proof that coolness runs in the family… (smile).

Coolness is not running in my household however. Suddenly this summer I am full on into hot flashes, and I must say, it sucks. I don’t know why I don’t get that air conditioner going, except that it really isn’t THAT hot in here. It’s 72. and 72 outside. A bit on the muggy side, at 69%. It’s going in this weekend.

A woman I know went to a tropical island and just danced the year away. I used to think that was a pretty drastic measure to take for the remedy of mere hot flashes. But the days go by and I am thinking differently about options myself.

Here’s a painting I did in 2002, long before hot flashes hit:

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