Dangerous Riptides, Tornado Warnings and Killer Lightning…Our Placid Maine Beach Getaway

July 20, 2008

Friday was a wild day in the Southern Maine coastal region by all accounts. Two killed by lightning in Standish, 12 needing lifeguard rescue at Old Orchard, and tornado warnings for a chunk of the afternoon where we were, in Wells Beach all made for interesting times.

My sister, two nieces, and I have a lovely room on the beach for 4 days, and are really making the most of it.

Sarah’s bud Marc, Dani, Sarah and Sal — we’re half picked up and ready for the next onslaught…see the ominous backdrop?

Storms interrupted things several times, but we always remember the good old New England adage, “if you don’t like the weather…”

Friday was different however. after an innocuous start to the day, with hazy warm and humid blah blah blah etc., the sky began to blacken and didn’t stop.

anyway, Just before the lightning became so severe that lifeguards ordered all out of the water, we witnessed some pretty unusual clouds with the vertical/diagonal circular looking structure, not realizing that they were probably associated with the subsequent tornado warnings. Later from our room I took these:




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