The things I SHOULD be doing vs the things I AM doing…life out of balance?

August 17, 2008

Today: weed-wacked and other outdoor maintenance, two hours. Knocked on doors for BT, two hours. Painting outside (art) 3 hours. Well, this doesn’t seem so bad on paper. The thing is, I’ve not finished bill paying for the month, meaning all bookkeeping stuff is spread around my kitchen still; the garden continues to overflow, so any space in the kitchen not colonized by paper is filled with vegetables, and I really don’t kjnow why I am writing a post at 10pm when I still have to go down town to drop off paper work at BT, except that if I am hungry enough when I get down there I can totally justify going to city market to buy a cookie.

me earlier today at a place close to here

Meanwhile, what did not get done this weekend–things that ultimately are going to be better for me to do–is a much longer list: the tee shirt design for BOB, a painting that is so long overdue I’m embarassed to mention it, a pamphlet and web page both devoted to my card biz, and sorting out (finishing) paintings to go to the (UVM) Davis CTR this week. Then there are so many smaller projects awaiting my attention that I can’t list them.

Okay, time to go for that cookie


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