Doing Time…

August 22, 2008

Hey someone on Air America stole my Burlington VT July art exhibition title! “Doing Time” … oh well, I’ll let it go, since it’s Air America.

Whewwwww… this morning in the correctional ctr we worked on puzzle pieces for the VT Council on the Arts project. I picked up 20 of the wooden cut out pieces a couple of weeks ago, and we have 6 done thus far, with several more in the works. I’m always struck by how diverse the talents are in our classes. Most of the guys have had little to no previous art experience, although there’s no dearth of undeveloped creativity. I’ve gotta get my camera in there again. we had 11 in class this morning, and it was a sight to behold. one guy was wearing the shirt he made in the last couple of classes, drip-painted and colored edges and collar. He started another one this morning. Another guy was wearing the tank top he cut out from an over-sized shirt, over another shirt. It’s a wild looking monoprint he’s calling it his camouflage. There were a couple of folks doing some works on paper, most working on the puzzle pieces, and I was working on a few things myself.


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