ART EMERGENCY! and the Magic in Kennedy and Michelle O Speeches

August 25, 2008

I’ve always felt that there is no such thing as an emergency in the world of art, but after this weekend I have to wonder. Time is a quality and it is relative. Weekend days differ very little from weekdays for me usually, and the boundaries between things blur when I pick up a paint brush. So where’s the relativity?

Well, I’ve hung a few paintings this week at the University of Vermont’s Davis Center, between their operations department, the bookstore, and the water fountains on the 3rd level. There are some other walls in a conference room upstairs that are apparently in dire need of artworks too. Big walls. I said I could pull some of my big older canvases off my loft, and they were more than agreeable. But I should have left myself more time for the big old things– to work on them–for that is exactly what is happening. Most of them are FIFTEEN years old or more, surprisingly not so juvenile that I can’t stand to look at them (the ones that are don’t exist any more) (this would be a good place to insert an obscure passage on relativity).

click on image to enlarge

Anyway, I am afraid that I inadvertently lead the UVM operations people to believe that I would have something up for them immediately, but these babies are oil, and one can not rework oil with anything but oil, and oil takes time to dry. time. (this would be an almost too obvious place to talk about relativey)

Speaking of relativity, I’ve been interrupting this post to run in to see the televised speeches by Kennedy, and just now Michelle Obama. Unbelievable what we can do with technology today. For example, Kennedy’s niece presented a video tribute to Uncle Ted. The phasing from the end of the tribute, which ended with the image of a sailboat, to the non-filmic world of the convention center, was accomplished by means of a dissolve. So the image of the sail boat dissolved into the shapes on the stage in the convention center, which had the same structure as the sail boat… it was magical; subtle, but magical. Then the videoporting of Obama to us via Denver from Kansas City. now, I’m back here blogging and not painting.


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