Oil Paintings Taking Forever to Dry

September 3, 2008

52″ x 48″ oil on canvas — click for enlargement

Here’s Obama on Church Street, in good old Burlington VT. I had started this painting a few years ago, on Church Street. Only under the influence of the Democratic speechifying, in particular, the night of the convention last week when all the tributes to Ted Kennedy and then Ted Kennedy himself came on stage, then Michelle Obama, and the video telecommunications with Obama himself in Kansas City, and let’s not forget the contribution of the Obama kids, did I decide to throw Obama onto the canvas. I’m not a regular portrait artist, and had hoped to get a more informal/sort of impressionistic result. However, the project took on more and more meaning as the speeches went on… . I had to interrupt studio work a few times to run in to TV. So in the end, his face seems overworked and I didn’t catch his exact likeness. But friends and neighbors who have seen it are enthusiastic.

I know, we have to discount praise given to us from friends and family…(smile)


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