My plate runneth over here in good old Burlington Vermont…

September 5, 2008

concentrating on the yellow and orange varieties of tomatoes this year, my garden palette is as colorful as ever.

Instead of the normal 30 or so tomato plants, I’ve had more like 16 this year, including 4 or 5 volunteers that turned out to be the sungold types. this is a typical day’s harvest, not counting the sungolds…or, the basil, lettuce, beans, eggplant, carrots, beets, and ARUGULA! I’m on the 3 or 4th crop of arugula, and it’s as lovely as ever; no salad is complete without it.

onions and garlic are hanging on my drying wall here in kitchen, and plates of mint, catnip, red clover blossoms, and goldenrod taking up some of the horizontal real estate here.

AND WHILE I’M BUSY BRAGGING, let me say this: I have not shopped a produce department since March! gardening rules!!!


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