North Beach Access is Restricted

September 10, 2008

What a bummer. I used to love the last hour of the day on the beach.  When coming by after work, I would swing in with my little fold up chair and read for an hour.  Sometimes I would draw. It was sublime.

Now there is a sign “No cars on beach after 6pm.”


Reason? the guy on the golf cart that was chasing people off said it’s because college kids get in there and hide. I didn’t push him on this, as he is only doing his job. The receptionist at Parks and Rec said the season is over so they don’t have the staff to keep it open. I didn’t push her either– she’s only doing her job. but part of the reason I like it down there then is that there are so few people.

yes there might be a little trash to pick up, but not from me. oh dear. It’s a losing battle. things just don’t stay the same. maybe I should move to the country. these small losses start to add up. I should mention the other loss: it’s my peace and quiet in the neighborhood due to barking barking barking.  actually, it’s quiet this afternoon, for once.


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