Damien Hirst — what gives with the art world? I must be just plain naive.

September 16, 2008

No wonder the art/cultural world drips with irony. How can we take anything seriously when Damien Hirst’s stuff is going for millions and millions.

Hirst with his diamond covered skull

I just don’t get it. The deliberately provocative has been with us since ??? …the sixties? What feeds this strange market.  Market driven art-making is not new, but with the dumbing down of a general population, with little to no art, or art appreciation being taught in schools any more, and a post modernism that takes it’s worst position in the anything goes sentiment, it seems that the snake can go on eating its own tail forever.

I promise I’ll try to pick out some artworks I like and comment on them soon, so that I don’t seem to be crankish about everything all the time… (smile).


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