Red Clover for Tea

September 19, 2008

Drying on screen might get me best results. The first batch I did a few weeks ago, and they browned quite a bit. I’m htinking that because we had so much rain in July, they had a higher moisture content.

what is it about red clover? according to the higher authorities, it provides a boost for the liver function, helps in lymphatic flow and strengthens the lungs. And I have also read that there is some help with the mitigation of symptoms that are particular to women of a certain age, such as hot flashes and other problems caused by hormonal changes.



  1. Hey Karen do you find it better to put it in the sun or not?

  2. not good in sun… I believe it bleaches out all the goodness. ingredients in clover good for liver, lymph and lungs! and also found to mitigate the strange hormonal changes that happen to women of a certain age (my age).

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