Push back against Buyout for the Billionares– Disaster Capitalism at its Worst

September 24, 2008

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, no? so why would we want to tether ourselves to a note that will cost each of us individual taxpayers 8 or 10K, not counting interest, to help out the rich bank owners who have already helped themselves to plenty? Tell Congress NO to the 700 billion dollar blank check –that we need a solution that helps main street folks as well as the greedy, self -servingWall Street folks. Make the people who got rich while creating this crisis pay for the recovery. Demand a recovery that addresses fundamental flaws in the system, and includes regulatory oversight so that this will never happen again.

Is this the October surprise? Listen to Thom Hartmann and Bernie Sanders discuss today.



  1. There are many legitimate reasons to bail out these folks, namely that not doing so will call us to all to be exposed to a fubarred economy. Like it or not we are all interconnected in this way. What we do need to tell congress is that this bailout is conditional. Personally I like the idea of getting an equivalent amount of preferred stock in the companies in exchange for the bailout. We the voters then have equity in these companies with all its benefits; dividends, re-sellable stock, and probably most importantly voting power in the corporation.

  2. well, in listening to Thom Hartmann talking to Bernie Sanders a bit earlier, I hear that the 1931 Herbert Hoover bail out of banks didn’t work, and the Japanese bank bailout in 1998 didn’t work…
    I am just loathe to give this administration any more powers to award money to their buddies. I’ll post a link to the clip of the show on blog entry

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