Ready to Say Uncle? Turn Off the News! and, the Next GREAT Idea for Fall Gardening

October 11, 2008

I’m still squirreling away garden crops, and tonight, I made the most yummy stir fry of the season; savory, healthy, and really really yummy.

Everything except the pasta and the olive oil is from the garden too:  broccoli, green beans, celery (from Hannah’s garden) , green pepper, red pepper, garlic, a small zucini (from Kerrie’s), and basil. I could have thrown an onion in, but honestly, it doesn’t need a thing. Oh I should mention the cheese is also not from garden:  Cabot jalapeno cheddar and Wensleydale.

Days like this are numbered. In the high 60’s, clearest of clear blue sky, the foliage in a surreal holding pattern. Leaves have begun to fall, but there’s plenty of color, even undeveloped color still to come. I bounced back and forth between the storm window and trim painting, washing studio windows, and garden activity–anything to be outside today. Plenty of geese overhead, but maybe the flocks are smaller? they don’t seem to be as many as some years.

I have a fabulous new green that I’m adding in to my house colors. It’s called “Tart Apple.” I am embarrased to admit that it is a Home Cheapo color; oh well, …. anyway, it’s replacing a more minty green color that has been the secondary trim color.

Mid afternoon I stopped at Recycle North building materials division. I thought I might find some plexi glass with which to build cold frames. Instead, I noticed their collection of shower doors and bought one for $2.00. It’s now in the garden as the top of cold frame for one bed of lettuce, beets and arugula. On Monday or so, I’ll go back and get a couple more. What a GREAT idea, if I do say so myself. Once I’ve finalized the design I’ll post a picture and directions.

Now, it’s time for a fabulous salad, also out of garden this afternoon. Several kinds of lettuce and arugula.



  1. That is one fab-looking stir fry!

    Did you use the Wallace & Gromit Wensleydale? I saw that the other day in Whole Foods and thought it was too cute. 🙂

  2. Yes! cute little Gromitish-looking shapes. The cheese is okay, and the price was right: at Cheese Traders in South Burlington, they were offering 3 for $3 or something ridiculously cheap like that.

  3. I’ve not seen the Gromit-shaped cheese, only small wheels! I must investigate…

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