Building a Head of Steam

October 24, 2008

Several things have to be under control before November 1st. Like all this insane outdoor maintenance work must be done! Please please please. I’ve got some serious stuff done in the last few Indian Summerish days… actually, it can’t be an Indian Summer until after hard frost, right? but anyway, the storm windows for apartment #1 are almost complete. My decision to convert all the peach and mint colored trim over to a tart apple green has meant hours and hours of work this fall.

click on image–

Who did I think I was fooling when I said it would be done in a flash. Mail boxes, all the fancy doodads under each window, the bases of all columns, the storm windows, the saw tooth edge halfway up, the storm doors, …anyway, Joe hit all the up high gingerbready stuff, and just today finished the attic dormer.

A miraculous discovery: bondo for wood repair!  the storms have small areas of punky wood, and previously I would have used an epoxy. But Bondo is just so easy! So the last two storm windows are ready for sanding and then painting. When they’re done,  with any luck, I’ll be satisfied that  I’ve completed enough to get us through the winter.

Anyway, on November 1st NaNoWriMo begins, and I’m doing it again this year. I SOOO look forward to devoting hours a day to the commitment. 50,000 words, one month, one novel. ta dah

Today, in between the working around here, I popped the lawn mower over to the garden and mowed around the perimeter, and threw the clippings into my compost pile. Man, when I turned the  pile over yesterday , it sure was steaming! so it’s working. I’m a nut for composting.

Yesterday I put in 22 cloves of garlic from my own harvest, and today bought two bulbs of a california organic garlic and put in 14 cloves. 36 doesn’t seem like enough. maybe I’ll put another patch in before it’s too late.


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