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Long Weekend: New York and Conneticut

November 25, 2008

But no pictures! without camera in hand, I can eventually lose my continuous and almost obsessive framing of reality for composition, but it’s not easy.

The opportunity to share a ride down to the city with friend Marc Awodey arose, so I took it. He was going to “the Honey Space” on 11th ave., and I to visit the city and also my friends in Stratford. The two worlds couldn’t be much more different, in terms of comfort and relaxing options. Honey Space is a step above a squat — where artist/sculptor with ties to Vermont,  Tom Beale has worked for a couple of years. The lower two floors are filled with his organic wood shapes, and some artworks from around. The current exhibit features another vermont  visual, musical and literary artist Mark Picar, whose band played both the opening and the closing nights. My tour was during the run up to that closing show, and folks were alreadystarting to fill the lower level salon area. I must say that it looked like a typical Manhatten salon scene, whatever that is supposed to mean. strands of lights low level combined wth the 11th ave lghting coming in windows. a small wood stove burning in the middle of the room. music too loud to have much conversation. Lots of really hip and cool looking folks making the scene. I ddn’t stay past mid evening, so never heard Picar’s band.

Marc found his overnght digs too cold to really work for him, so he joined us out in Stratford at Frank and Dorota’s for the second evening.Their small colonial styled home is in a lovely suburban neighborhood, maybe 1940s? but not at all cookie cutter or sterile looking, the way some newer suburban areas feel. Big trees and small streets. and big “OBAMA” letters vertically down each side of the front entry.

Saturday we met up at the MoMA for another arty experience, different from the 11th ave arty experience. It was my first time in the museum since its major renovation in the early 2000’s. I like the new space. It had a bit of a blandness at the lower entry level, but how exciting can one make an area that has to handle the functions of ticketing, coat check, and bathrooms. However, once we were accessing the art gallery rooms on the 2nd thru the 6th floors, its superb design qualities became clear; the flow from room to room, views from each level through the central atrium made for ease of orientation, natural sense of openness, cascading light, a spaciousness that wasn’t the cavernous feeling that some museums seem to thrust one into.  And art. let’s not forget the art. Loads of it, and all those pieces that we’ve grown up with in our art history books.

more later — off to stained glass world


First Dusting of Snow

November 18, 2008

enjoying the warmth of little electric heater this morning.

maybe time for the real thing– the gas monster.

it resisted lighting yesterday,  too much wind.

not in jail today because the guys “got frisky” over the weekend.

made a real mess, so I’m told.

free time! off to NaNo land…

my word count is way way behind.


End of Birthday Week

November 17, 2008


My Birthday Week culminated in a little shindig over at Peking Duck in Winooski. Mike and Anne brought this lovely lily for me, and it is overwhelming my apartment by the day, as blossoms open out. And oh  the fragrance!

Peking Duck is a good place for a gathering; it’s quiet, spacious, and it seemed like 13 or 14 of us were accomodated easily.


Our Little Old Burlington VT Named Healthiest US City!

November 16, 2008


I wonder if the late night down town crowd was taken into consideration… (smile),  and, we do have our ice cream freaks. AND, there are plenty of folks who spend every weekend watching TV; I discover this doing door knocking to sell fiberoptics to them. We like our fiber… fiber is good for us. so, well, we are healthy tv watchers too.


Will the world change as a result of the election?

November 15, 2008

It already has changed, by virtue of the election results and the world wide attention. My thoughts as I listen to WBAI this morning. Everyone wants to weigh in. Even me, up here in the great white north. Well, Vermont isn’t completely mono-cultural– there are blacks, but they’re all in jail… sorry, bad joke alert… . Actually, the ratio of blacks to whites in my art classes in the prison isn’t usually much different than the ratio in for example a class in the education department at UVM. It is different than the ratio in the philosophy classes, at in my experience. Philosophy in these parts seems to be an ultra white sport. The education department has probably been much more proactive in recruiting. It is also well known that the education department can take care of their folks in a better way. Many of their students get jobs on campus through their programs. Real jobs.

Any way, will the world change? Mine has, and it happened within minutes of the announcement that Barak had won. The stupid skinhead kids will probably always be out there, and not just in this country. But as far as a change in perception for most people in this country, and many in other countries as well, it is my belief that the momentous moment when that announcement was made will be one of those that goes into our shared consciousness forever; into the archives to join such times as when we heard : “One small step for man…”, when JFK was killed, when the trade towers were hit.  Everyone who was around for those events will always remember where they were at the time. Even a week after the election I still find myself exchanging stories about where we were and what was going on the moment we heard the news.

people get ready!


turning the table on my birthday

November 12, 2008

it’s been a busy busy time, and like everybody else, I’ve been complaining about the sheer volume of different things I have to do every day. Between 3 different jobs, all the projects I am involved in for myself and for others, and keeping it all together on the home front, i never have time to just live life. meaning what, I don’t know. what is to just live life?

so anyway, I’m having p’butter on toast with some organic buttery substance, thinking, what if I make this day one during which i try to eat as many different ingredients as I can. mix things up. (not literally). isn’t that the road to a healthy diet, to eat lots of diverse things? and what if I take it a step further with my activities today. how about, instead of usually feeling like I can’t catch up with everything on my plate, I go forth with the intention of doing as many different kinds of things as i can? like the good old days, when I used to brag that I could get three jobs in a week, climb 3 mountains and date 3 men to boot! boy have times changed. except for the work parts… (smile)

I’ll report back later


Obama Art Gallery

November 9, 2008

It’s Growing! check it out (link on right)