A 5,000 Word Day?

November 3, 2008

I’ve written nearly half that already, but in email, a letter to Front Porch Forum, and more email. now, to not put a bunch more here… for one thing, I have a possible wrist issue, the ulnar (sp?) thing coming back? so I better conserve keyboarding efforts.

But when a novel is in the works, don’t the paintings emerge as almost irresistable magnets! so many opportuntities! I had coffee with Marc yesterday at Muddies, and Gabriel stopped by to visit, talking about all his luck with Ebay and the Painting a Day idea. Haven’t I been wanting to commit to a painting a day for some time now? what about if I broaden it to include the drawings. Shortly. I’ll post more of my Obama drawings in the Obama pages (see link to right).


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