Will the world change as a result of the election?

November 15, 2008

It already has changed, by virtue of the election results and the world wide attention. My thoughts as I listen to WBAI this morning. Everyone wants to weigh in. Even me, up here in the great white north. Well, Vermont isn’t completely mono-cultural– there are blacks, but they’re all in jail… sorry, bad joke alert… . Actually, the ratio of blacks to whites in my art classes in the prison isn’t usually much different than the ratio in for example a class in the education department at UVM. It is different than the ratio in the philosophy classes, at in my experience. Philosophy in these parts seems to be an ultra white sport. The education department has probably been much more proactive in recruiting. It is also well known that the education department can take care of their folks in a better way. Many of their students get jobs on campus through their programs. Real jobs.

Any way, will the world change? Mine has, and it happened within minutes of the announcement that Barak had won. The stupid skinhead kids will probably always be out there, and not just in this country. But as far as a change in perception for most people in this country, and many in other countries as well, it is my belief that the momentous moment when that announcement was made will be one of those that goes into our shared consciousness forever; into the archives to join such times as when we heard : “One small step for man…”, when JFK was killed, when the trade towers were hit.  Everyone who was around for those events will always remember where they were at the time. Even a week after the election I still find myself exchanging stories about where we were and what was going on the moment we heard the news.

people get ready!


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