Clarence Demar! –7 time winner of the Boston Marathon

December 12, 2008

A youtube about my uncle twice removed(?)  Clarence Demar!

he had the better feet for running though… my feet are always complaining whenever I try to build up some milage. Even with the best shoes.  I just bought a pair of Saucocony Pro Grid 7. Tested out best for my pronation, plantar fasciitis  and heel spur.  They were $90.  (My last pair was $130.) anyway, so far so good, but I am taking it  very slow. short runs, and as much as possible, on soft ground.



  1. I have heard that DeMar ran in the Boston Marathon in boots. Can anyone verify this or tell me what shoes he wore? thanks

  2. I have checked with his daughter Betty (my cousin-once-removed) in Virginia, who checked with her older sister Dotty in California. Betty thought that her Dad might have run in bowling shoes once ( not marathon, but a BAA race), but Dotty could not confirm. Dotty did recall that their brother (Bob, who died recently) once ran with inferior sneakers, and was advised by their Dad on the benefits of good running shoes. (recall that good running shoes in those days were a quite different thing than today’s shoes!)
    Hope that helps!

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