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Landscape Paintings at the UVM Davis Center

January 30, 2009

Please feel free to check out some paintings in the atrium area entrance to fireplace lounge on the fourth floor. Through February 28, 09.

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Yellow and Red Cliffs at Sunset — acrylic on paper $325


We Did It!

January 20, 2009

The signs can finally come down!jan09aWhat an emotional time it has been. All the pageantry on Sunday, and the run up to today’s event, with sandwiched between, Martin Luther King Day! wowie. I’m psyched.

Last evening at around 8pm I finished soldering the first side of The  Phoenix (mythological bird rising out of the flames and ashes) . It is a stained glass panel  commissioned by some folks while they almost literally rise up out of the ashes to rebuild after a house fire. For me, the phoenix has been a good symbol, as our country prepares to lift itself up out of the ashes. And as I am always preparing for what lies ahead in my own life, the phoenix is a great (if complicated!)  symbol of hope.

I often work with music in the background;  last night, The Radiator— our community radio station.

I walked away from the work bench for a moment,  because I wanted to delay the gratification of the “first light”. I had a sip of coffee,  looked out at the snow coming down, came back to the bench and  took a deep breath. Grasping the panel with both hands, I lifted to the light for the first viewing. At exactly that second when the panel was coming off the table, Jimi Hendrix’s The Star Spangled Banner began to play on The Radiator. I was floored.


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The colors aren’t right in this picture. purples in the glass around the bird’s head and on upper right corner were blown out in ths photo. and the blue circle to the right of wing on right is deep purple,not blue. glass on upper left and along top has much more color. but you get the idea…it’s almost impossible to shoot a panel like this to give any true sense of the thing.


photo of Zinnia garden

January 14, 2009

from the Champlain Community gardens — 2006

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not the greatest photo, but it’s helpful to remember warmer times!


Dalrymple Strikes Again– On the Triumph of Shallowness

January 10, 2009

What is Progress and Does Art Enjoy it? good read >>>Beauty and the Best

Dalrymple’s analysis of the analogy of “progress” in art with “progress” in science finds the analogy to be false.  This seems right, according to a conventional understanding of progress; e.g. progress has happened when a state that has evolved from previous states (not out of a vacuum) is generally or widely accepted as a better state. So it’s easy to see that scientific knowledge stands of the backs of many previous paradigms (world views). No scientist starts at the beginning or develops theories in a vacuum. Art on the other hand– especially the contemporary work of art– does not seek to further anything but the singular vision of its author.

But in my view a disanalogy with scientifc progress does not legitimate the claim that art makes no progress at all.  Question to explore: What is artistic progress?


We seem to have moved beyond the question “what is art,” and thus beg the question of whether something qualifies as art. But have we arrived safely in a reality that honors the rule: “if it is made by an artist, it must be art?”

It was Heidegger’s seminal work “The origin of the Work of Art” that linked the work of art with the artist. Not only did each presuppose the other,  but the truth and being of each relies, or is understood as createdness, which can only spring out of the art itself. “Art is the origin of the artwork and of the artist.”

more will be revealed…right now, I gotta go make some art.


Glass Work

January 5, 2009

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This panel has a border of glass that looks too dark, at least in this light. I believe I used Kokomo 265 for most of it, which has some lovely rich purples, oranges, blues, but it’s just too intense for this application. Another time,  I might choose a slightly more translucent glass that would not rob from the central image. Or, maybe it works if plenty of backlighting.

august_25_2005-003aThis panel shows the use of glass globs. The design was not mine, and the challenge was to use several different types of clear glass.


Harold Pinter and the Crystal Ball

January 3, 2009

Harold Pinter died in December of 2008. I caught a rebroadcast of this Charlie Rose interview and portrait of him last eve. The world has lost a great artist and citizen.

“As a writer, you approach reality from a number of perspectives. Like a crystal ball this world goes around, and you’re trying to find where the light is actually falling.”