Car Talk guys and Conan O’brien

February 21, 2009

I wonder why one of the Magliozzi Bros. on Car Talk this morning went on about not “getting” Conan’s humor.   I didn’t catch if it was Tom or Ray, but there was no disagreement from the other, so I’m assuming both feel that way. Was it an MIT/Harvard rivalry thing? or because they are buddies with Jay Leno who is also a grease monkey ? Personally, I see more humor in Conan’s little finger than in all of Jay’s big puffy body, but that’s just me. oh, maybe it’s the puffy body connection. I thing the car talk guys are pretty puffy.r001-021

Jay is likely the nicer of the two. But he appeals to the demographic weaned on Mad Magazine and Leave it to Beaver; and Conan, well, he’s not yet properly weaned.


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