April 15, 2009

Just wondering how much of a problem it is to load my paintings page on website. I’m pretty sure that a person on dial up will have a very slow experience, but what about everyone else… please advise– will appreciate any feedback. Thanks!


Perkins Pier Burlington Vermont. I’ve painted this view a million times now.


One comment

  1. Hey Karen – I looked at the size of the paintings on your website and they are actually quit small so the page load times should be reasonable for dialup folks. I know its snobbish but I really don’t even consider the folks on dialup anymore. I think over 90% of people have access to broadband if they want it and its affordable for the vast majority. The other options I can see are A) target your site to the lowest common denominator which would be an injustice to your paintings or 2) have multiple versions of the paintings; high quality/large file and low quality/small file but that is a lot of work.


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