May 6, 2009

I put in an asparagus bed last year, so shouldn’t really be harvesting any until next season, because the little plants need to have all their energy to grow for the first years.


But I could not resist, because the plants are stunning — shockingly tall! and fast growing. And when a gardening neighbor suggested that I really ought to test them out to see if they taste okay, I gave in.

may09-005aMmmm Mmmm Good

I’ll be dividing my gardening time between the Champlain site and my new plot out at the Rock Point community gardens. Very heavy soil out there, much like mine used to be at Champlain, before it received years of ammendments from me… truckload after truckload of whatever I could get my hands on. Not sure if I would have the interest to do so much for the Rockpoint site.  It’s a lovely location, but with little hope to get it converted to a “no till” status, and the wet spots and the distance from home and all, I don’t expect to use it for more than a spill over from Champlain garden, and an outpost for painting! Rockpoint has been a favorite painting area for a couple of years. I walked over to see this painting location last eve, just at dark:


click on images for best clarity

need to shoot another photo of this before it sells and is gone forever. I’ve worked on it since this version.  It’s in the “Show us the Green” show at SPA in Barre, VT this month



  1. Glad to have come across this painting again and your blog. I met you at SPA briefly. I was the curator of Green and so glad to have this painting in the show. Did you see the mention in 7Days review?

    • thankyou and yes! saw it on the SPA website
      see you at another SPA event soon I hope.

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