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Next, a cookie as big as the rug

June 14, 2009

Pixel and new found rug– a student discard!

may09 063

june09 041med


Harmonic Convergence

June 8, 2009

Weather is a good way to start any conversation, and as I write, the interviewee on “ON POINT” (radio program) says “WHETHER…” –the homophone–which immediately sidetracks me; I wonder and have been meaning to ask others how often does it occur that there is a simultaneous usage of word on radio or tv, while you write the word?   You’d have to be a writer who writes with background noise. Well, freakily, it is happening to me more and more often. My own individual Harmonic Convergence?

Last eve, things felt a little extra intense, with the sunset calling me out and dragging me all around the neighborhood, to garden, to Blodgetts, and down Pine Street.

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See now, I am thinking about fire (in the sky), and “fire” was said on radio. I don’t have voices in my head, but it is indeed eerie when these coincidences keep happening. A couple of weeks ago I listened to an interview with the author of “My Stroke of Insight.”  In the book, (wrote “book” as Tom Ashbrook said “book”), which I am getting from library,  a Harvard neuroscientist describes her own stroke and recovery. What intrigues me is the theory that left brain strokes (hers was) can enable a much deeper sense of the connection of all things, with attendant sense of euphoria in some cases. Left brain provides us with borders, edges, limits, so if this superimposition is removed, there is a radiance and interconnectedness that becomes evident. Maybe the LSD/Ecstasy effect?