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Champlain Community Garden Fencing Day

July 19, 2009

The Community Development grant paid for our new fence run along the south border,  and we volunteers provided the labor.

july0109 028a

july0109 031a

july0109 029a

july0109 036b

a mere three hours work, and voila! actually, 22 person hours +/-

july0109 037a

and three hours later (why we work so hard!) :

july0109 043a


Burlington’s Art Fair– was it worth it?

July 12, 2009

My optimistic spin may not have been convincing, or even welcome by those who didn’t have the whopping two painting sales and countless card sales that I had, but I am happy to have participated in the first Art Fair of this kind to be held on the waterfront.

july0109 031medI spent a good portion of the time between customers drawing in sketchbook, walking down to the green room to make a sumatran extra bold coffee in the space machine, chatting with the other participants,  or peering out at the lake.  Time flew. What happened to the weekend.

Was it worth it? absolutely. I would vote to do this every year. Without the rain evacuation.That was a little much– losing the prime 6 hours of the weekend. It’s easy for a fire marshal to make the call to evacuate; he or she stands to lose exactly nothing. When was the last time a tent was hit by lightning with loss of life?


Wow two paintings sold in one week. After none all year!

July 11, 2009

Not this one, this one is new (ish).  It’s one I “flew into” the other day, in prep for Champlain Celebration Art Tent on the Burlington waterfront.


Perkins Pier Unloading Boat– 18 x 24  (You have to click on it for a better copy.)

About 5 years ago I was painting out on perkins pier very regularly. I’d  drive out at 7 or 8, set up and paint for an hour or two. Most of them have been finished and sold long since. One actually sold this morning at the art fair. This one is one of the two I have left.

Please pardon my self-congratulatory tone… I guess it could be seen as compensation for other parts of my life that aren’t so fantastic.


Capitola — the end of a hairy mountain drive

July 3, 2009

Hairy, meaning thrilling at any speed. Elise and I drove RT 17 south toward Santa Cruz and nearby charming Capitola. Since it was my first sighting of the Pacific in a couple of years and the sun was out with clear blue skies forever, we dropped anchor for a while. Also we finessed the best parking space in town.

june09 027a

june09 041a

june09 024a

What was this place called? every month they have a birthday celebration for anyone whose birthday falls within the month. we lucked out on the party, because no one was asking for birth certificates.

june09 043

what? (click for enlargement)

june09 054a

june09 057a

drawing location (see next)

june09 182a

a start (probably not to be finished, but fun to occupy myself while Elise was doing some phone work)


Joy in California

July 2, 2009

Eight days of recharge!

click on images for larger view

june09 114a

We escaped the heatwave in bay area, to friend’s “cabin”  in the hills of Inverness. The road right above her summer home was too compelling! fun and friendly neighbors,  views of the unfamilar vegetation, rugged terrain, a different ruggedness than New England’s.

june09 108a

june09 111aMadrone tree (?)

june09 112awith all the modern amenities, a too short evening in the hills.  Baked Oysters on the halfshell, herb saute, salad, and the view!

more later: painting at the beach of Inverness, visit with cousin Jeff in Larkspur, Saucilito, travel up through Marin, 105degrees,  gallery hopping in San Francisco, painting in Palo Alto, swimming in Los Altos Hills,  Elise’s pad in Mountain View, trip to Capitano,  more