Joy in California

July 2, 2009

Eight days of recharge!

click on images for larger view

june09 114a

We escaped the heatwave in bay area, to friend’s “cabin”  in the hills of Inverness. The road right above her summer home was too compelling! fun and friendly neighbors,  views of the unfamilar vegetation, rugged terrain, a different ruggedness than New England’s.

june09 108a

june09 111aMadrone tree (?)

june09 112awith all the modern amenities, a too short evening in the hills.  Baked Oysters on the halfshell, herb saute, salad, and the view!

more later: painting at the beach of Inverness, visit with cousin Jeff in Larkspur, Saucilito, travel up through Marin, 105degrees,  gallery hopping in San Francisco, painting in Palo Alto, swimming in Los Altos Hills,  Elise’s pad in Mountain View, trip to Capitano,  more



  1. Thanks for posting the photos. I can’t wait to see the rest! Loved the descriptions, too. I miss you!!!

    xxxx Elise

  2. I think I’ll post a couple or three a day, to prolong and savor the memories. I miss you too! now, post some of your shots?

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