Capitola — the end of a hairy mountain drive

July 3, 2009

Hairy, meaning thrilling at any speed. Elise and I drove RT 17 south toward Santa Cruz and nearby charming Capitola. Since it was my first sighting of the Pacific in a couple of years and the sun was out with clear blue skies forever, we dropped anchor for a while. Also we finessed the best parking space in town.

june09 027a

june09 041a

june09 024a

What was this place called? every month they have a birthday celebration for anyone whose birthday falls within the month. we lucked out on the party, because no one was asking for birth certificates.

june09 043

what? (click for enlargement)

june09 054a

june09 057a

drawing location (see next)

june09 182a

a start (probably not to be finished, but fun to occupy myself while Elise was doing some phone work)



  1. Hey Karen,

    I’m so glad you’re posting all these photos from the trip. It’s like a little travelogue. I’d love to get copies of all of it. Keep ’em coming!

    • The corny restaurant was called Zelda’s.

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