Wow two paintings sold in one week. After none all year!

July 11, 2009

Not this one, this one is new (ish).  It’s one I “flew into” the other day, in prep for Champlain Celebration Art Tent on the Burlington waterfront.


Perkins Pier Unloading Boat– 18 x 24  (You have to click on it for a better copy.)

About 5 years ago I was painting out on perkins pier very regularly. I’d  drive out at 7 or 8, set up and paint for an hour or two. Most of them have been finished and sold long since. One actually sold this morning at the art fair. This one is one of the two I have left.

Please pardon my self-congratulatory tone… I guess it could be seen as compensation for other parts of my life that aren’t so fantastic.


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