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“If one has no horse, one is one’s own horse…” — Van Gogh

October 31, 2009

From the

Van Gogh's letters

  • Letter from Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo, Nieuw-Amsterdam, 28 October 1883

Extract from the letter: “If something in you yourself says ‘you aren’t a painter’ — IT’S THEN THAT YOU SHOULD PAINT, old chap, and that voice will be silenced too, but precisely because of that. Anyone who goes to his friends and complains about his troubles when he feels like that loses something of his manliness, something of the best that’s in him. Your friends can only be those who fight against it themselves, rouse the active in you through their own example of action.

“One must take it up with assurance, with a conviction that one is doing something reasonable, like the peasant guiding his plough or like our friend in the scratch, who is doing his own harrowing. If one has no horse, one is one’s own horse — a lot of people do that here. You must regard it not as a change — as a deeper penetration.”


scary pumpkins, scary faces– what makes them so?

October 27, 2009

Jack-o-lanterns ought to be a good excuse to come up with the most horrifying faces possible, but this is easier said than done. Mine here are mostly just goofy, sad or confused looking. Instead of scaring, they look scared themselves.


Evil, or its embodiment as a sort of threateningness is not an emotion. If I had to characterize its appearance on a face, I think of the slant of eyebrow, gleem in eye, furled lip with teeth exposed, nostrils flaring? I better try another drawing.

But I also should say that I’ve never known a kid to be actually scared by a pumpkin.

if you want to create your own freaky-faced pumpkin, go to


Night Glories

October 10, 2009

I spotted this composition as I was clearing the remains of my Rockpoint Garden last evening.  Rain and darkness were threatening, but worse, the threat of our garden closing day today loomed even darker. Would I have another chance to photograph these beauties before everything has to be cleared out? Why are they only blooming now, in October, at the dead end of the season! Should I run home and get my camera, and risk not getting back until dark, or in the pouring rain? Well, I did, and captured enough to work from in studio this winter.

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Oct09 006aI’ve been painting quite a bit this season from the other end of the garden, looking up toward this pile of foliage, which arbor has also sported a decent crop of pole beans, with the Monster Pine and Spruce as backdrop. The horizontal-running small  branches of the spruce were of particular interest, for some reason. They provide an engaging net-like configuration I guess.

This morning we performed the final rites on garden closing, but agreed that I can leave this arbor up for a few more days, as it isn’t likely the rototilling contractor will be through for a few more days. AH! Reprieve!!! If the darn wind dies down I might even go paint there later. That would be such the diggity delight! Now, pass the kale please…


Sail Away

October 5, 2009

This time of year brings thoughts of far away lands, and at the same time, energy goes into making ready for the coming cold weather as if I might be here for another winter.

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Oct09003aMixed media on paper, 12 x 18, archival mat and framed, $225


not today, but some other day

October 2, 2009

august_25_2005 014a