Night Glories

October 10, 2009

I spotted this composition as I was clearing the remains of my Rockpoint Garden last evening.  Rain and darkness were threatening, but worse, the threat of our garden closing day today loomed even darker. Would I have another chance to photograph these beauties before everything has to be cleared out? Why are they only blooming now, in October, at the dead end of the season! Should I run home and get my camera, and risk not getting back until dark, or in the pouring rain? Well, I did, and captured enough to work from in studio this winter.

Click on image for better version

Oct09 006aI’ve been painting quite a bit this season from the other end of the garden, looking up toward this pile of foliage, which arbor has also sported a decent crop of pole beans, with the Monster Pine and Spruce as backdrop. The horizontal-running small  branches of the spruce were of particular interest, for some reason. They provide an engaging net-like configuration I guess.

This morning we performed the final rites on garden closing, but agreed that I can leave this arbor up for a few more days, as it isn’t likely the rototilling contractor will be through for a few more days. AH! Reprieve!!! If the darn wind dies down I might even go paint there later. That would be such the diggity delight! Now, pass the kale please…


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