scary pumpkins, scary faces– what makes them so?

October 27, 2009

Jack-o-lanterns ought to be a good excuse to come up with the most horrifying faces possible, but this is easier said than done. Mine here are mostly just goofy, sad or confused looking. Instead of scaring, they look scared themselves.


Evil, or its embodiment as a sort of threateningness is not an emotion. If I had to characterize its appearance on a face, I think of the slant of eyebrow, gleem in eye, furled lip with teeth exposed, nostrils flaring? I better try another drawing.

But I also should say that I’ve never known a kid to be actually scared by a pumpkin.

if you want to create your own freaky-faced pumpkin, go to  http://www.cubpack81.com/images/carve_pumpkin.swf


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