“If one has no horse, one is one’s own horse…” — Van Gogh

October 31, 2009

From the Telegraph.co.uk

Van Gogh's letters

  • Letter from Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo, Nieuw-Amsterdam, 28 October 1883

Extract from the letter: “If something in you yourself says ‘you aren’t a painter’ — IT’S THEN THAT YOU SHOULD PAINT, old chap, and that voice will be silenced too, but precisely because of that. Anyone who goes to his friends and complains about his troubles when he feels like that loses something of his manliness, something of the best that’s in him. Your friends can only be those who fight against it themselves, rouse the active in you through their own example of action.

“One must take it up with assurance, with a conviction that one is doing something reasonable, like the peasant guiding his plough or like our friend in the scratch, who is doing his own harrowing. If one has no horse, one is one’s own horse — a lot of people do that here. You must regard it not as a change — as a deeper penetration.”


One comment

  1. Karen,

    Eric Marlow here. I was the one in the market in Granada doing the watercolors next to you. Sorry I could not stay and spend time with you, but was with a group and went to Ometepe the afternoon I saw you. Send me your email address and I will send a copy of a couple of my watercolors. Mine isI am back in Ohio with a lot of snow. Hard to handle after Nicaragua.


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