Light Dawns Slowly Over the Whole

December 19, 2009

Isn’t this the best explanatory model for so many of the messy debates in which we are immersed as a people, a country, … and humanity variously self aware? Perhaps it is the only narrative that actually works in the case of the world stage. If only we could see with 10,000 eyes. 

For example, the health care debate is a good object lesson. It is not one debate, it is many. With pendulum these weeks swinging precipitously from one extreme to another, the infinite shades of compromise possible are all too quickly undermined, mischaracterized, or otherwise painted out. We are the blindered lead by the blinded, we who can look at only those headline issues — single payer, public option, abortion, et al — as we try to navigate; who has time for more???

pencil on paper, unfinished, like most things in life

On the open sea, or in the woods, we don’t need entirely new instruments, but we need courage, good will and trust in the crew.


One comment

  1. really lovely, not sure that it’s not done, it looks done! love the loose lines.

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