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Losing Conan is a Big Loss

January 19, 2010

But I am only one person. It is hard to accept that Jay is seen as a better host. His appeal can only be understood as one that serves some lowest common denominator. Talking in terms of IQ, Jay may well be less threatening to that vast and rather insular middle of the country, where status quo goes; especially after an evening already spent on the couch in front of a TEE VEE… I dunno, I guess I’ll have even less to turn the TEE VEE on for, and should be grateful. Wait, no, didn’t I just discover 24 this week?


New Year’s Resolutions?

January 3, 2010

If ever there is a good time to take stock and shift focus, it’s now at the end of new years weekend, while we are all blizzarded in! I’d like to relax a little more in 2010. I’m no where near ready to retire, in fact, I don’t think I would ever even want to. But like most of you all, there are things I would like to be doing more.  For example, relaxing with friends and family, painting, writing and reading; things that all seem to get pushed off the lineup too easily in a typical day.

I’ve taken steps to insure that some of these things will indeed happen in 2010: a February trip to Nicaragua to paint with a friend is fast becoming a reality. As January gets underway I am wondering what it will be like to be one of those who migrate south for a little bit of the New England winter. Will I become a regular escapee, like so many around these parts? Will I like Central America? I’ve never been south of Key West. Can I manage to do enough painting and writing to be able to whole heartedly count the trip as an independent study part of my graduate program at UVM? (answers: probably, yes, and absolutely yes!).