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Paper or Plastic?

December 28, 2010

For many of us, this question is the deepest philosophical issue we confront on a daily basis. My local market offers a 5 cent incentive to forgo the bag altogether.

Carrying things is nowhere accomplished so elegantly as through the Mercado in Granada, Nicaragua, where anything you can imagine that needs carrying is carried on the head. Headloading apparently requires far less energy expenditure than say carrying the same weight in front or even in a back pack.

Click on image for better clarity

This acrylic painting was inspired by memories of Granada and done in the Correctional Center with the students.


Sunshine and Blue Sky in #BTV!

December 19, 2010

Not to be taken by surprise, I have acted as if I always knew we would see a day like this again sometime.

So I photographed a few things with a borrowed camera. I’m starting to recognize the need for a higher rez camera, if I want to be more savvy about online sales possibilities.

I almost can’t stand the idea of another research project right now, that is, the necessary investigation I will need to do before making a camera selection. COULD SOMEONE JUST TELL ME WHAT TO BUY PLEASE?


Holiday Hop Your Way Over to Lakeside Gallery and Art Studio This Weekend!

December 9, 2010

The SEABA efforts once again have South End Artists and local businesses opening doors and making merry festivities!

What: On display at LAKESIDE GALLERY AND ART STUDIO:  paintings — some finished, many in the works,  drawings, and cards cards cards! My new card images arrived earlier this year, and I will offer a nice discount to visitors this weekend.

Sand Beach (detail)

Where: 58 Wright Ave, Burlington Lakeside Neighborhood.

When: Friday the 10th 5-8, Saturday the 11th 10-5 and Sunday 12-4.

Light refreshments including a  huge box of Oreo cookies,  mulled cider, and more… !


We hope to see you this weekend ! but if you can not make it and would like to schedule a different time, please feel free to call 802-865-1208.