Paper or Plastic?

December 28, 2010

For many of us, this question is the deepest philosophical issue we confront on a daily basis. My local market offers a 5 cent incentive to forgo the bag altogether.

Carrying things is nowhere accomplished so elegantly as through the Mercado in Granada, Nicaragua, where anything you can imagine that needs carrying is carried on the head. Headloading apparently requires far less energy expenditure than say carrying the same weight in front or even in a back pack.

Click on image for better clarity

This acrylic painting was inspired by memories of Granada and done in the Correctional Center with the students.


  1. I recently viewed your work at the Maltex building and this painting from
    Granada with the neon colors was very memorable and now I see it on your blog. I also liked the neon pink cows in another of your works.
    I am a big fan of local art and I was not familiar with your work until now.
    I wish I was in a better financial position
    to buy these paintings and maybe someday that will change.
    I really like your sense of color and it’s nice find another artist to admire.
    Chris Copley
    Richmond, Vt

    • Thanks Chris! Please feel free to make an offer — I would much rather a painting be out in the world being enjoyed by people than in my studio! This particular piece may shortly end up in an exhibit at the Community Health Center of Burlington, over on Riverside Ave. Thanks very much for getting in touch.

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