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Birds Are Falling

January 12, 2011

Disturbing enough to know that the strange phenomenon was not limited to one location in Arkansas.

Birds Are Falling — collage on paper, 18 x 24, Click on image for better version

But this still unexplained strangeness, along with many other dire and gruesome events last week, were eclipsed by the action of one deranged individual in Tucson on Saturday.

The shooting event at an Arizona shopping mall has consumed us. Our national fixation on guns and gun control is inflamed. And, we are given a concrete focus for our free-floating sense of urgency, where to solve the mystery of the shooter’s motive and put him away for life or even kill him, will somehow magically fulfill an unspoken moral imperative.

Many jump the gun and assign¬† political intent to the shooter’s action.¬† Many place blame for the violence of this action on the usual suspects: the raging radio talk hosts, the barely veiled rage in a vast range of pundit hacks, the rage in the shooter’s own head, the rage in the gun itself, or its peripherals (raging magazines).

There is a lot of rage in the world today, and mental illness. It is disturbing that so many people thought this guy was a ticking time bomb, yet nothing stopped him from pulling off the horrible massacre Saturday.