Author Bio, Blog Apologia

My name is Karen Dawson and I live in Burlington Vermont. My days are really very varied, with a moderate amount of structure including 3 jobs, landlord duties, painting in the studio and on site whenever I can, and an assortment of other projects.

The blog must speak for itself. Originally I thought an art blog would be in order, but it looks like it will range from art to gardening, current events, reading, philosophy and ?

If you like some of the artworks on this blog, please visit karendawson.com to see more.


  1. Write something for heaven’s sake or at least comment on my blog.

  2. Hey Karen, I am writing a quick note to say I like your blog, I don’t have a blog, I need to make time. Right now its 1136am and I’d like to sleep, but I am checking email at the only time I often get, after hours. Things are good I will send a regular email from hotmail. Dan.

  3. Wow! Lookd at ur art! You are a talented lady!!

  4. thankyou! it’s all for sale…(smile) glad you enjoyed. -karen

  5. Hi Karen,

    First time I’ve seen your great blog! I love the phoenix stained glass piece and the drawing “Reading James Joyce.”

  6. Okay, been enjoying reading your words and garden is great with produce. All part of a creative life. Hurrah for you! Love the photo of Marc painting at Lake Willoughby but made me confused as to who was blogging here. Why are folks so shy about leaving comments?

    • Thanks Maggie! Hopefully people have a chance to see your great work too– love your site! -Karen

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