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Community Tree Planting!

April 25, 2009

And it couldn’t have been a more perfect morning for it; well, I suppose it could have been more perfect; I mean if someone dropped by and distributed bags of money, or Beansies set up and gave away free breakfast burritos,  or the National Tuba Corps came and serenaded, or no, what? well, maybe the Taiko Drummers, or Phish? We did have a pileated woodpecker sounding bird. But anyway, great fun, and all got done …with many hands.

april09-061aFrom right: city arborist Warren Spinner, board member Kyle Albee, and neighbors

Neighbors and friends of Branch out Burlington hit the streets this morning in the New North End of Burlington.

Click on images for better version

april09-064aFriends joining in from Johnson State College

april09-067aOne of the 10 trees we put in Saturday morning

april09-063aBOB! board president Margaret Skinner


if you’d like to find out more about Branch Out Burlington, go here. We are a Burlington based volunter tree planting organization.



April 15, 2009

Just wondering how much of a problem it is to load my paintings page on website. I’m pretty sure that a person on dial up will have a very slow experience, but what about everyone else… please advise– will appreciate any feedback. Thanks!


Perkins Pier Burlington Vermont. I’ve painted this view a million times now.


News Moratorium Week?

April 5, 2009

I’d like to think that it’s possible: a block of time when the only sound added to the flow of things is music. There’s music in everything, and a news free soundscape will allow more of the natural sounds to emerge.perkinsdetailA detail of one of the Perkins Pier paintings. See the flow? all the notes

april09-010aHere — the merry little breezes flowing through the garden. Phoebe too? Robins around 6pm. (click on images for better version)

april09-014aand look– arugula in amongst the dandylions



April 3, 2009

Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai

taking-root-signature-imagetnfor more info on film, go here

the free screening this evening takes place at Burlington’s old armory building– now called the Bobby Miller community and rec center, on Gosse Ct in Burlington VT.

time: 7-9pm

desserts and snacks by donation


event sponsored by Branch Out Burlington! the volunteer tree planting and tree care organization.