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facebook is down and I’m jonesing

August 30, 2009

In spite of having just been out to see a mediocre show at Basin Harbor Club with two friends, and the fact that I am about to go for  a woods walk with another friend, I miss the fast connect with the multitudes that face book seems to offer. So, to that end, and knowing that ths will not be going viral, I will share my early morning work on website:

As I am sorting through the final pieces of work in order to expand my cardline by 11 new images, (at the same time reprinting the top 5 sellers)  I am playing with some of my older paintings– ones that are gone from my life but can live on digitally.


Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Spotted

August 24, 2009

We are on the lookout for this insect pest hitting southern, and now northern New England.  I’ve been looking at a picture on my refridgerator for a year or two, so it was not too difficult to quickly notice and identify the problem in my parent’s hemlocks over in Alton Bay, NH.

aug09 081a

Click on image for better view

It took longer to find the county forester than it did for him to arrive once contacted. Now we will be curious to see w happens. It’s the first report in Belnap county, and it may only be in 3 or 4 of their trees at this point.

There is a pretty tight control on what trees can be removed from the land within certain distances from the lake shore. And the cost is usually enormous, but perhaps under circumstances of infestation rules will flow in a different direction. And my folks have probably the highest density of trees around. We’re all tree lovers in my family; and believe me, I thought about whether I should get a carwash before driving home to VT.


Lake Willoughby Painting

August 9, 2009

Another day in paradise

click image for better clarityaug09 020_forweb

not finished yesterday, but probably as close as I ever come at the site.

aug09 016a

the view sans people

aug09 011aMarc,  just down the parking lot


Burlington South End Farmers Market– Artworks and Vegetables!

August 4, 2009

After such a good and moderately profitable time at the Burlington City Arts/Champlain Quadricentenial shindig on the Waterfront, I am going to try another new venue tomorrow. It happens every Wednesday afternoon on Flynn Ave.

aug09 001a

I don’t think I’ll part with any of my brand new garlic crop (click on image above), but will bring tomatos, summer squash, kale, and whatever else is excess from gardens. And, I’ll try selling the cards, some drawings and small paintings. Come on By!